by Mariana Stabile

Managua, Nicaragua

mari barre pose 1.jpg

I am an Exhale certified Barre teacher, and teach my signature Balance Barre classes in Managua, Nicaragua. 

My Balance Barre classes provide a full body workout while remaining low-impact - so its soft on your body, apt for people of all ages, yet extremely challenging.

The workout includes light weights for arms, planks, push-ups, squats, abs, and more, paired with ballet-inspired moves to sculpt your entire body. You'll work your muscles practically to the point of fatigue, then stretch for relief. If you come regularly to my class, you'll quickly get toned arms, leaner legs, flatter and more defined abs, and a lifted butt. Plus, both your balance and flexibility will improve. And you'll burn a lot of calories!

My class is not easy, but it's extremely effective. With time, it doesn't get easier, but you'll get better, and you'll see your body change in a way that will make you fall more in love with yourself!

Message me for more info on my classes and to sign-up!