Why A Detox Is Right For You

We live in a world where we are constantly ingesting toxic materials, from the harsh chemicals in cleaning products, in our beauty products, our cookware, unfiltered drinking water, and most importantly, in the food we eat.  And while our body has its own natural ability to flush out what we don't need and absorb the nutrients we need, our bodies also get exhausted when they're overloaded with toxins.  So everyone living in this modern world needs to give their body a short break here and there for optimal functioning.  

Think: if we don't have the right nutrients to naturally detoxify, our body can't cope with all these toxins and ends up retaining toxins and fats.  That's why the occasional detox (or cleanse) is so important.

Cleansing is an ancient art of healing, and has been practiced for years and years (for a reason!).  It gets your body on track to heal itself.  It works like a reset button for your system, removing toxins in your blood and fat cells, and easing the load on your body, therefore increasing your energy.  Most importantly, cleansing (if done properly) will help restore the proper biological environment in your gut, where healthy bacteria (probiotics) can grow.  At the same time, it helps to starve the bad bacteria, yeasts and parasites that may exist unknowingly in your stomach and gut.

Cleansing also helps you get in touch with your body, teaching you to listen to the subtle messages that your body is giving you.  A proper detox or cleanse will reboot your system.  And you'll notice that it will help clean your skin, boost your energy, remove any brain fog, and of course, lose any excess weight.  It is also a great way to overcome cravings and eliminate most food sensitivities.

Some clear signs that you could benefit from a detox are little symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, achy muscles, bloating or gas, or of course more serious issues including asthma, irritable bowl, acne, reflux, arthritis, any autoimmune disease, and more.  A good detox has been known to help cure all of these symptoms.

So what is the best and easiest way to detox?

Honestly, that depends on the person.  There are many ways to cleanse your body, and it doesn't require starving yourself.  Some people like doing juice cleanses for a week.  I personally believe in chewing most of your food so I'm not a huge fan, and only recommend you try these juice cleanses if you're careful not to put too much fruit in your juices- they should be primarily veggies, herbs, and low-glycemic fruit. 

I personally like to do a food-based cleanse, where I continue to eat normal foods, but I eliminate all foods that exhaust the digestive system, mostly sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods.  I eat an easy-to-digest breakfast (green protein smoothie) and a relatively easy-to-digest dinner (vegetable soup or large salad), and I allow two hours to digest dinner before going to bed, and 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.  A key part of cleansing is to eat lots and lots of liver-cleansing veggies, some clean & organic protein in each meal, and lots of healthy fat, while avoiding hard to digest foods and common allergenic triggers.  And of course, its important to drink lots of water, get enough sleep, take the right vitamins, and a probiotic supplement every day.

When I cleanse, I also like to prioritize daily exercise, meditation, and simple detox practices like dry brushing and tongue scraping.  I'm extra careful to avoid using beauty products with harmful chemicals, and plastics for storing food.  I make an effort to clean out my bathroom and kitchen cabinets, at least a little bit, getting rid of as much of the old, dirty junk as possible and replacing it with better, more natural, chemical-free alternatives.  It feels amazing and I highly suggest you try doing at least a few of these things.

It's really not that difficult, but like everything, it requires determination and helps if you have someone to do it with you for support.  You only need to cleanse for two weeks and your body will thank you.  And just a reminder....Spring is a great time to start your detox!

If you'd like some guidance and support on doing a two-week spring detox/cleanse, reach out to me at ms@balancewithmariana.com.  I started doing them last year and they were a huge game changer for me.  I did two last year - one in the spring and one in the fall, and I am prepping to start a spring cleanse in just a few days - much needed after all my travels! 

Love & Detox,


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