Sweet Beet, Leek and Hemp Soup

Two vegetables that I LOVE and frequently buy are beets and leeks.  So instead of my usual - which is just sticking my veggies in the oven with coconut oil and sea salt, I decided to try making a soup with them, and wow, the result was delicious.

Beets are filled with nutrition, high in many vitamins and minerals including: the B vitamin folate (great for mommies-to-be), potassium, fiber, vitamin C, iron, among others.  Beets are known for their phytonutrients, which contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and provide liver detoxification support.

Another amazing thing about beets is their delicious sweet flavor, which I have found is also great for reducing my sugar cravings.

So start experimenting with these lovely red vegetables, and please give this soup recipe a shot!

Note: you can prepare the soup beforehand the enjoy at room temperature.  Given the heat of Miami summer, thats what I did, and it was delicious!  Also, if you don't have hemp (or have a sensitivity to them) then use sesame seeds, and coconut milk instead of hemp milk.

Love and Beets,