How to find Balance and Health as a Pisces

I was never a big believer in astrological signs, but recently I began paying more attention to astrology and those inexplicable "signs from the universe". And I have come to realize that there is DEFINITELY something within us all that is influenced by the constellation at the time of our birth, a.k.a. our astrological sign.

As it’s my birthday month, I wanted to share some tips for all my fellow Pisces on how to stay balanced and healthy.

Most Pisces (generally) share certain characteristics that are important to take into consideration when it comes to staying healthy and building our healthy routine.

Here are 8 Health Tips for PISCES:

1. Pisces are often are a bit spacey and have trouble staying put, so we benefit from establishing a stable routine. Try to find a schedule that works for you, and stick to it for a month. Commit to some things on a daily basis. It’s hard, but committing to that same yoga class at a certain hour, and eating at certain hours, etc., helps to keep us balanced (and only when we find our internal balance can we be truly healthy).

2. Pisces tend to be quick to overindulge, so need to stay away from our trigger foods. Even if your trigger foods are “healthy” notice if you crave these foods and if you’re able to stop after a small serving. If not, maybe its best that you keep them out of sight completely!

3. Pisces need to be careful with stimulants and depressives, such as coffee, alcohol and sugar. So try doing a caffeine and alcohol detox for 2 weeks and see how you feel. Or at least, make a conscious effort to significantly cut back on these in your daily diet.

4. Pisces’ need lean, low-fat protein, such as vegetarian proteins (eggs, beans), fish and lean meats. Aim to have 5-6 oz. of lean protein at each meal. Limit the heavier, fattier proteins in your diet.

5. Pisces’ require high amounts of IRON as we are susceptible to anemia, low blood pressure and inflammation. Eat lots of iron-rich foods like: liver and kidneys, lean beef and lamb, seafood (such as oysters), eggs, lentils, peas, beets, spinach, apricots and dates, apples and lemons.

6. Pisces are quick to catch a cold or infection (including gut infection and UTIs), so its crucial that we regularly eat plenty of antioxidant-rich immune boosting foods. EAT: berries, red bell peppers), all leafy greens, broccoli, cabbage, ginger and garlic, and citrus fruits.

7. Pisces are ruled by WATER. The water element rules the reproductive and lymphatic systems, and body fluids, including blood, mucus and lymph. Which means we are likely to suffer from imbalances related to our reproductive system and lymphatic system (which is very involved in flushing out toxins). Therefore, it’s key that we maintain BALANCED HYDRATION when it comes to our diet and lifestyle. Here are some clues as to whether you face a "water imbalance":

  • When you have EXCESS WATER, you are likely to suffer from poor digestion and assimilation of nutrients, for which you need to AVOID excess yeast, breads salt, dairy and oily foods. EAT: steamed veggies, fruits, beans, parsley/basil/sage/thyme.
  • When you have LOW WATER you suffer from dehydration, difficulty sleeping and trouble eliminating. In this case, AVOID too many diuretics like tea, celery, cabbage, asparagus. EAT: seaweed, oats, brown rice, licorice and fruits.

8. As a WATER sign, Pisces benefit from living near water and from taking relaxing baths. Make time for a bath once in a while, and if you're considering a vacation home, opt for something near an ocean or lake. It’s no wonder I love the beach and can’t live without my bathtub!

Are YOU a Pisces? Did any of this resonate with you?

If you're a Pisces like me, start paying close attention to your body's messages, and apply these tips as needed to bring yourself into balance, and increasing your chances of living a long, healthy and happy life.

And as always, please share your comments, thoughts, and feedback after applying my tips!