How to Make Homemade Almond Milk (video)

You’ve maybe heard by now that cutting out dairy (or at least cutting back on milk and cheese in particular) has a lot of benefits. 

I personally saw a huge improvement in my digestion when I cut out dairy (and gluten) from my diet. Now I may enjoy it in small amounts from time to time, but for the most part, I stick to non-dairy alternatives when I need some dairy, which is mostly for my tea/coffee or breakfasts (oats, smoothies or chia puddings).

Almond milk (like other nut and seed milks) provides a healthier alternative to regular milk - it’s lower in calories, fat and sugar, plus rich in fiber and B vitamins. Almond milk is also a lower glycemic option to rice milk, and doesn’t have any hormone disrupting properties like soy milk (which is also usually derived from GMO soy beans).

The problem is that the store-bought nut milk versions are prepared with preservatives to extend the shelf life, and often have added sugars, as well as other ingredients like carrageenan to alter the consistency.

For that reason, I had been wanting to make homemade nutmilk for a long time. I had heard it was easy, creamy and delicious, so finally gave it a try.

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