A Healthy Sunday Brunch

I’m lucky enough to have my dad with me this Sunday for Father’s Day, so I've decided to make a special brunch for him. It’s a win-win because he loves my healthy cooking, and I’ll be able to enjoy brunch with my dad while staying healthy, avoiding the heavy meals that I KNOW we would splurge on if we went out for brunch.

So as I prepare my Father’s Day brunch menu with some of my favorite healthy substitutions, I wanted to share my recipes with you. I know they will come in handy, whether it’s for this Father’s Day or for a fun Sunday brunch with friends... which are especially popular in the summer! You can enjoy some mimosas if you wish, but by keeping the food menu healthy (and based on home-cooked food) you’ll be saving yourself a lot of calories, belly-aches, and money!

Here is my HEALTHY BRUNCH MENU – all free of gluten, dairy, added sugars, and filled with nutrition (with options for vegan and non-gluten-free).

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