The Fats, Proteins & Carbs That Will Help You Reach A Healthy Weight

As a health coach, I'm constantly asked about the ideal amounts of carbs and protein for weight loss.

First, I think it's important to address that there is no magic formula because ultimately, everyone is unique, and I fully believe in the principle of bio-individuality.

That being said, I find some general things hold true for most people. When it comes to sustainable weight loss, balanced meals are key.

So while many people swear by no-carb, high-protein diets to lose weight, I have found that small amounts of carbs coming primarily from vegetables is very important and can aid in weight loss.

Healthy fats are also crucial for your health, will help keep you full, and can help you burn fat.

I usually suggest making half of your plate be vegetables (primarily low-starch), and the remaining can be divided between lean protein and healthy fats. But way more important than the percentage of carbs, protein, and fats is your SOURCE of these macronutrients!

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