Intermittent Fasting for Health and Weight Loss

Based on my research and experience, I find that some degree of intermittent fasting can be highly beneficial to almost anyone. And I don’t mean fasting for 24 hours every week; I’m referring to a small degree of fasting, such as allowing a 12-16 hour break between dinner and breakfast.

I personally have suffered from both digestive and hormonal issues, but feel my best when I practice daily intermittent fasting, allowing 12 hours between dinner and breakfast. And about once a week, I may allow for 16 hours between meals.

Why is this so great for me (and most people)?

The key idea is that fasting gives your body a rest from digestion and allows your body to fully assimilate nutrients, getting rid of what it doesn’t need, and concentrate on healing.

Some benefits include:

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Four Key Supplements for Everyone

If you are one of those people that believes in getting your nutrients from your food instead of from pills...well, so am I!  When I first started seeing a nutritionist a few years back and she started telling me to take vitamin C, a probiotic and some yucky tasting multi-vitamins, I was REALLY hesitant.  And while I listened to her initially and took some of the recommended vitamins, I quickly gave up because I didn't really understand WHY I should be taking them and how necessary they were.  Plus, they were expensive, annoying to take, and its not like I noticed a difference anyway.

The thing is, I hadn't really cleaned up my diet the way I have now, and of course, I didn't take the supplements long enough in combination with a clean diet to notice any difference.  But the fact of the matter is, if you are taking something, you need to understand why.  

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