Why I Eat Sweet Potatoes Every Week

One of my all time favorite veggies are Sweet Potatoes. First, because I love the TASTE (that’s probably because I have a sweet tooth). Second, because of their nutrition and HEALTH BENEFITS. Third, because they're so VERSATILE and great to use for many healthy recipes (think sweet potato brownies, sweet potato crust, sweet potato toasts,..).

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A Delicious Fiber- & Protein-Rich Breakfast to Fuel Your Metabolism: Sweet Potato Toast

I’m constantly being asked for new healthy breakfast recipes, as not everyone loves green smoothies (or they get bored of them), and same goes for oatmeal. So I’m always checking out new health trends and experimenting new recipes. Today I’m excited to share with you a healthy, fiber-, protein- and antioxidant-filled breakfast that I love and highly recommend: the SWEET POTATO TOAST. 

I know it may sound weird – “toast” with no toast – but let me tell you, it’s not only becoming a huge trend, it’s actually something that I have been suggesting as a gluten-free alternative to my clients for a while, and have had huge success with. I think it’s mostly because it actually works really well, it’s easy, versatile and DELICIOUS. The sweet potato adds a slightly sweet flavor but without overpowering the flavor of your toppings. Plus, it doesn’t have any inflammatory properties like regular bread (as it’s naturally gluten free), and it’s grain-free / Paleo-friendly.

Additionally, I’m a huge fan because of the added nutritional benefits. Firstly, its high in antioxidants, like beta-carotene that your body converts into Vitamin A, which is essential to strengthen your hair, nails, skin, vision, and immune system. It’s extremely high in fiber, and a great food to help stabilize your hormones. Additionally, it has vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, vitamin D and iron. And most importantly, all versions of my Sweet Potato Toast that I’m sharing with you today are high in protein and healthy fats, so my combos help to rev up your metabolism first thing in the day, and keep you full for hours. So, in my book, it’s an ideal breakfast for almost anyone, including those looking to lose weight. 

Here is my basic Sweet Potato Toast recipe with 4 amazing metabolism-boosting versions:

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10 Easy, Healthy Snacks That Will Keep You Slim and Energized

I find that so many people are making an effort to eat healthier meals, but still have a hard time achieving their health goals. And when I look at their food journals, I see it...it’s in their snacks! 

I KNOW it’s hard when we’re always on the go. We get hungry when we’re at work or on the road, and the only things we can easily grab are processed, packaged options (filled with sodium, sugar and/or artificial ingredients). And unfortunately, they add up, and make it difficult (if not impossible!) for us to stay healthy and slim.

Making the effort to be prepared and keep healthy snacks on hand will make a HUGE difference in your health.

For a boost of sustained energy (and to support a healthy weight), your snacks should be small, high in protein and fiber, and relatively low in sugar and carbs.

Here are 10 EASY, HEALTHY SNACKS that are filled with BALANCED nutrition to give you the energy you need without packing on the pounds. 

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A Healthy Sunday Brunch

I’m lucky enough to have my dad with me this Sunday for Father’s Day, so I've decided to make a special brunch for him. It’s a win-win because he loves my healthy cooking, and I’ll be able to enjoy brunch with my dad while staying healthy, avoiding the heavy meals that I KNOW we would splurge on if we went out for brunch.

So as I prepare my Father’s Day brunch menu with some of my favorite healthy substitutions, I wanted to share my recipes with you. I know they will come in handy, whether it’s for this Father’s Day or for a fun Sunday brunch with friends... which are especially popular in the summer! You can enjoy some mimosas if you wish, but by keeping the food menu healthy (and based on home-cooked food) you’ll be saving yourself a lot of calories, belly-aches, and money!

Here is my HEALTHY BRUNCH MENU – all free of gluten, dairy, added sugars, and filled with nutrition (with options for vegan and non-gluten-free).

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What NOT to Feed Your Kids and Healthier Alternatives

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep children healthy with the poor food choices served at schools, the horrific ingredients included in “child-friendly” snacks, and the amount of marketing done specifically for kids (of these not-so-healthy foods!).

Children obesity has been increasing worldwide., and understandably, this is becoming a growing concern for all parents.

So let me share with you the key foods that I would avoid feeding your kids, and some healthier suggestions. While it may be impossible to control what they eat outside the house, making small changes at home can make a big difference. 

Here are 6 foods commonly eaten by kids that you should look out for (because they're probably worse than you think!), and some much healthier alternatives.

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