Easy & Delicious Homemade Granola

One of my goals has been to cut back on processed foods, in particular, those with a ton of sugar and unnecessary additives – such as cereals, bars and store-bough granola. Why? Because I’d say it’s the #1 factor hurting our digestive (and overall) health.

And while before, the thought of making my own “healthy treats” sounded way too time consuming and complicated, once I tried it, I realized how easy (and fun) it is. I make a large batch of my granola and/or my granola bars once every few weeks and freeze them, and that way I have a homemade sweet treat on hand for when I’m craving a bit of crunch to add to any breakfast or as a snack.

I promise you, its way easier than you think, and really doesn't take much time. Plus, you'll love it!

So let me share with you my home-made recipes for my "superfood" Granola and Granola bars.

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10 Healthy Snacks to Buy When You're On-The-Go

As a holistic health coach and foodie (yes I love eating!), I am a true believer in eating WHOLE FOODS as much as possible, and avoiding most pre-packaged foods. Even for snacks, I find that there are a ton of easy options based on primarily whole food sources that one can easily put together at home the night before and take with you to work/on your trip. (See my previous blog for more on healthy, homemade snacks).

But sometimes, we haven’t had the time to make your own snacks, we’re hungry, and need a healthy option to buy at the local deli market or airport vendor. For those times, I wanted to share some options that are nutritious and “clean” (have little-to-no junk/bad ingredients), and won’t ruin your healthy efforts. Because believe me, most of the snacks you’re used to buying are terrible for your overall health, and even those occasional snacks (unfortunately) add up!

Here are 10 of my favorite on-the-go snacks to buy:

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4 Swaps for Healthier Snacks

Most of us need a small snack in between meals in order to stay energized, to keep our blood sugar stable, and to avoid over-eating at meals.  So snacking can be healthy and nutritious, but a little planning is key. 

Grabbing pre-packaged processed snacks on the go can often be the main culprit of weight gain for many people, as it’s the time when we mindlessly grab whatever is available.  Especially if we’re hungry, our defenses go down and we’re more likely to give in to the unhealthy snacks roaming around the office, such as candy, pastries and chips.


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A Superfood That Will Change Your Life

Do you have any digestive issues?  Cholesterol concerns?  Heart concerns?  Are you catching a cold?  Want to build more muscle?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should be eating chia seeds!  Chia seeds are packed with Omega-3’s, fiber, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, antioxidants - that help you lower cholesterol, reduce your risks of heart disease, build muscle, and improve your bowel movements.

They’re also packed with phytonutrients that boost the immune system, support bone-building health, and improve hair, skin and nails.

Lastly, because of the high protein and fiber content in each small serving, chia seeds will suppress your appetite by making you feel full, therefore a great tool for weight-loss!

And in my opinion, the KEY to making the introduction of chia seeds into your diet a GREAT one, is learning how to make Chia Pudding.  Chia seeds will act like sponges, absorbing about 12 times their volume when exposed to water/liquids, which is why they easily create this pudding-like texture.  And with these recipes that I will share with you, you’ll quickly see how simple yet delicious chia pudding can be.  Enjoy for breakfast, or a smaller portion is great for dessert or a snack. 

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Tips for Traveling and Staying Healthy Abroad

As it's Holy Week and Spring Break is around the corner, I thought it would be relevant to touch upon Healthy Traveling!  No - its not an oxymoron, and it actually is possible!  Of course it’s hard for all of us (myself included) to stay super healthy and focused when traveling, but I have found little ways to make it better, to keep it pretty healthy while still enjoying my vacation.  

Here are my top 5 tips for traveling:

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