6 Ways To Make Your Workday A Little Bit Healthier

Staying healthy at the office is a challenge for everyone. There is always someone who brings in sweet treats from recent travel, or it's someone's birthday and cakes are in your face. And then there are the catered lunch meetings where it's just sandwiches and cookies!

I've worked in offices for most of my career, so I can relate. But somehow, in the last few years, I have been able to master the art of staying healthy regardless of where I am. It's not about perfection, but it's definitely about being prepared.

Here are my best tips to keep you healthy at the office:

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In last week's blog, I discussed optimal foods to eat before working out - but what about after?

Post-workout you need some healthy protein and a small amount of complex carbs to help your body restore energy, repair any micro-tears in your tissues after exercise, build muscle and increase your metabolism. Certain minerals and micro-nutrients such as potassium and fiber (found in bananas, avocados and coconut for ex.) are also hugely beneficial!

If you exercise after work, a snack might be unnecessary, but aim to have dinner within 30-45 minutes of working out, and don't forget your protein! If you want a light dinner (which I highly recommend if you're working out late), that can be as easy as adding some hemp seeds to your vegetable soup, or a very small serving of lentils or tuna to your green salad. 


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Why Diets Don't Work & What Does

I know this is a controversial topic as many people LOVE diets. It's a great excuse to pig-out today because you're starting a diet tomorrow. If that's you, I get it, you want a quick solution to lose a few pounds, and want to indulge in everything else when you’re not dieting. But let me tell you why I firmly believe that is the wrong approach, and what you can do instead.

I myself tried what seemed like every single diet in my 20’s, and can personally attest to the fact that these fad diets don’t work. They’re short-term solutions, and usually based on too much restriction. Not to mention, you have to keep doing them, or trying new ones, because the results never last! I can't begin to tell you how much time and money I wasted over the years!

Very often the diets provide the foods for you, or they make you count calories (or “points”), but don’t really teach you sustainable healthy habits to continue post-diet. Or they might have you focus on eating specific foods that they claim “help you to burn fat”, but then you end up ignoring a lot of other delicious and healthy foods. And after a while, you naturally give up – you get tired of the small portions or bland food, and lose the energy to keep tracking every food/ingredient/calorie. As a result, you go back to your old ways and the weight that was lost is re-gained. 

Even worse, all this yo-yo dieting can do damage to your gut and overall health, especially if you’re not getting enough healthy fats, veggies and fruits on a regular basis.

To lose weight sustainably you need to learn how to adapt healthier habits into your day-to-day. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

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11 Natural Remedies to Fight a Cold

It’s that time of the year when the seasons are changing, and for many of us (in the northern hemisphere), the days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping. So it’s especially important during these times to nourish our bodies, in order to make the seasonal transition easier and keep ourselves from getting sick.

The healthier you are and stronger your mind-body connection, the easier it is to detect an oncoming cold in its earliest stage - which is key. Its important to take action at the first sign of sickness by drinking tons fluids, getting plenty of rest and incorporating some additional natural remedies.

So in lieu of the season, I want to share my top 11 tricks to beat an oncoming cold. These are natural remedies that are focused on giving your body the extra nourishment it needs. These tips are easy, more affordable than medicine and also better for your body (no negative side effects!).

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Tips for Traveling and Staying Healthy Abroad

As it's Holy Week and Spring Break is around the corner, I thought it would be relevant to touch upon Healthy Traveling!  No - its not an oxymoron, and it actually is possible!  Of course it’s hard for all of us (myself included) to stay super healthy and focused when traveling, but I have found little ways to make it better, to keep it pretty healthy while still enjoying my vacation.  

Here are my top 5 tips for traveling:

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