An Easy, Probiotic Mask for Clear, Hydrated, Glowing Skin

Natural DIY face masks are a great "facial" option that can work wonders on your face in just minutes, and are especially helpful when you can't make it every month to your facialist. Plus, you can do them while multitasking!

Today I wanted to share one of my favorite face masks – great for all skin types - that will help you keep a healthy skin microbiome and restore a healthy glow in your skin. I've been doing it a lot recently and am always AMAZED by the instant boost I see in my skin.

This mask is soothing, refreshing and cooling (hello yogurt!), moisturizing, helps balance your pH, remove dead cells, brightens your overall complexion, and fights off any blemishes, leaving your skin feeling baby soft and CLEAN.

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What I Eat to Keep My Hair Healthy, Strong, Long and Shiny

I love that I’m always getting compliments on my hair, and while part of it is definitely genetics (and luck!), I have come to realize that what I eat has a big impact on the health of my lovely locks. 

Do you want to have shinier, thicker, stronger, sexy hair (that doesn’t easily break or fall out)? Instead of spending a ton of money on products (that are possibly damaging your hair in the long run), focus on increasing the foods in your daily diet that are key for nourishing your hair. (Note: this applies for men, too!)

Here are 7 nutrients (and foods rich in these nutrients) that will help you get fabulous hair:

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