What I Eat and Drink to Help With a Hangover

Sometimes we all have a bit too much to drink. It happens to most of us. And dealing with the effects the next day are not great, but there are ways to make it easier on your body, so that you suffer a bit less!

The key is staying hydrated and getting some extra targeted nutrition to help your body deal with the loss of fluids and the extra load of metabolizing the alcohol and chemicals.

Unfortunately, the beer, greasy pizza, burger and fries can make it worse! Instead, here are some of the best drinks, foods and supplements that help me beat my hangover symptoms.

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Chocolate in the Morning?! A Delicious, Healthy Recipe to Start Your Day

A filling nutritious breakfast is key to starting off your day right. And it's the best time of the day to squeeze in a good serving of greens, and most of the minerals and vitamins we need for the day. 

So I love making smoothies with clean, nutrient-rich ingredients, that give me a good amount of morning energy (I no longer need coffee!), but that also taste amazing. Also, smoothies are so quick and easy to prepare- I throw the ingredients into my nutri-bullet, blend, and it's ready to go!

Here is an example of one of my favorites, which has raw cacao to satisfy my chocolate craving, without spiking my blood sugar as most other processed breakfasts would.

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