The Best Matcha Green Tea Latte

This amazing Matcha Latte recipe has a ton of health benefits, including:

  • helps detoxify your body

  • boosts your metabolism

  • enhances weight loss and fat burning

  • promotes hormonal balance

  • good for gut health

  • give you an energy boost (without the jitters)

  • it’s filling and delicious!

I make it with dairy-free almond milk (I use my homemade almond milk) though you can also use oat milk, cashew milk or coconut milk; all three work great. It’s free of refined sugar, yet still has a slight sweetness, and has an amazingly delicious creamy texture. I also add collagen that’s amazing for your gut, hair, skin and nails (and adds a bit of protein) and MCT oil (that helps you burn fat). What’s not to love?

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Your Shopping Guide To A Healthier Life

The importance of the QUALITY of your food is truly underestimated by most people. Your life will change once you begin to really understand and appreciate what you're putting into your mouth. Remember, it's your body, and it's your job to take care of it! Stop feeding it junk, start feeding it real, high-quality foods, and you'll see a shift in your body, skin, hair, your energy, mood and sex life!

So what does that mean?

READ MORE to learn my TOP TIPS for choosing better foods and accomplishing a healthier supermarket shopping trip; an incredibly important step in your health journey.

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4 Swaps for Healthier Snacks

Most of us need a small snack in between meals in order to stay energized, to keep our blood sugar stable, and to avoid over-eating at meals.  So snacking can be healthy and nutritious, but a little planning is key. 

Grabbing pre-packaged processed snacks on the go can often be the main culprit of weight gain for many people, as it’s the time when we mindlessly grab whatever is available.  Especially if we’re hungry, our defenses go down and we’re more likely to give in to the unhealthy snacks roaming around the office, such as candy, pastries and chips.


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5 Veggie Packed Meals for People Who Don't Love Salads

As a Health Coach, I place lots of emphasis on eat clean, whole foods, at least 80% of the time. This includes fresh vegetables, organic meat/poultry/fish/seafood, legumes, whole grains (such as quinoa & brown rice), nuts/seeds and fresh fruit. No processed flours or sugars. And it means avoiding things that come in a package, unless it has only 1 ingredient (ex. lentils). That includes whole wheat bread!

Additionally, I believe in eating PLENTY of vegetables every day, ideally at every meal. The more veggies and the wider variety, the better. Vegetables are nutrition powerhouses, with each different vegetable offering its own set of much-needed vitamins and minerals. I tell my clients to fill their plate half way with veggies, and always add some health protein (animal or vegetarian, so this can include lentils and quinoa, etc) and healthy fats.

Eating this way will help anyone be their healthiest self, and shed unwanted weight.

However, I often come across people who struggle to “eat clean” and eat enough veggies because they’re not salad fans. So they tend to turn to sandwiches and wraps for lunch, or meat with rice or potatoes and one cooked vegetable. As a result, their diet lacks in both quantity and variety of vegetables, and usually includes too many refined foods. Essentially, it lacks in nutrition!

For those of you out there like this, who don’t love raw green salads (or have trouble digesting them), I want to share 5 of my favorite clean, healthy and delicious meals – filled with nutritious veggies- that anyone will love, and that are easy enough to take to work.

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Healthy Cooking Made Easy

There are two things that make healthy eating a challenge for a lot of people. First is finding the time to cook, and then it’s finding healthy recipes that taste good and are easy to make.

Also, if you don't feel comfortable in the kitchen, it can feel like a lot to take on; cooking can be intimidating! But allowing this to be an excuse (and only cooking the same two recipes that you've mastered) can become an obstacle that gets in the way of your health goals.

Results come with stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things, and that includes cooking!

It's important because if you're not eating home-cooked meals, it means you’re resorting to eating lots of pre-packaged meals and ordering-in or dining out. And that means you're consuming lots of unhealthy oils and sodium - because all packaged meals and restaurants use a lot of both. You have no control over the ingredients used, nor the cooking method, and it becomes that much harder to control your health.

So today I want to share a cooking video where I'll show you how to make 3 easy & healthy recipes, that you can add to your list of go-to recipes. These are recipes that I make a lot, and that of course represent “clean eating”, meaning I use whole, un-processed foods. Also, I focus on using very nutrient-dense foods, aka "superfoods". 

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A Superfood That Will Change Your Life

Do you have any digestive issues?  Cholesterol concerns?  Heart concerns?  Are you catching a cold?  Want to build more muscle?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should be eating chia seeds!  Chia seeds are packed with Omega-3’s, fiber, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, antioxidants - that help you lower cholesterol, reduce your risks of heart disease, build muscle, and improve your bowel movements.

They’re also packed with phytonutrients that boost the immune system, support bone-building health, and improve hair, skin and nails.

Lastly, because of the high protein and fiber content in each small serving, chia seeds will suppress your appetite by making you feel full, therefore a great tool for weight-loss!

And in my opinion, the KEY to making the introduction of chia seeds into your diet a GREAT one, is learning how to make Chia Pudding.  Chia seeds will act like sponges, absorbing about 12 times their volume when exposed to water/liquids, which is why they easily create this pudding-like texture.  And with these recipes that I will share with you, you’ll quickly see how simple yet delicious chia pudding can be.  Enjoy for breakfast, or a smaller portion is great for dessert or a snack. 

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