(Stay tuned for dates of my next Summer Detox)

What if you could reset your metabolism, discover hidden food sensitivities, get a renewed boost of energy, and lose a few pounds in just 10 days, all while eating delicious foods?

Join me for my 10-day Summer Detox Workshop where I’ll guide you through a FOOD-BASED CLEANSE.

It will include 3 days of prep to ease you in (during which you'll already have access to our private community), 10 days of an elimination-diet detox, followed by (an optional) few days of post-cleanse, where you'll be re-introducing key foods that you've eliminated. 

This detox is focused on releasing built-up toxins from the past few months, and getting rid of any inflammation in your body that is making it difficult for you to lose those few extra pounds around the belly (and can be leading to other digestive and skin issues). Lastly, you'll also get the benefit of learning more about your own unique and beautiful body.

I will even give you the tools you need to maintain your results post-detox and continue to feel amazing.

This workshop will leave you feeling light, vibrant and at your best for the rest of this summer and into the Fall!


-Increased energy

-Better sleep

-Less cravings (they’ll likely even go away!)

-Improve digestion and lose any bloat

-Lose a few pounds (likely 2-5 pounds)

-Feel great, focused and motivated

-Feel more confident in your body

-Connect with others and feel supported by our small 10 Day Detox community       

-Get an amazing jumpstart to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle

-LEARN invaluable information about your body and digestion



3 days before we start - date TBD:

  • I’ll be opening up the Facebook group and sending you a welcome email with everything you’ll need to prepare for our 10 day detox
  • I will send you a PDF with a suggested shopping list and with recipes
  • I will give you a suggested weekly plan of meals that you can use to guide you, to schedule your days for success

On the night before we start the detox - date TBD:

  • 30-45 min Q&A call where I’ll be prepping you for the detox starting the following day. We’ll discuss the importance of this cleanse, what to expect, and of course go over any questions you may have to ensure a successful detox journey

During the 10 Day detox - date TBD:

  • For every day of the 10 day detox, you’ll receive daily tips and motivation to support your journey
  • You’ll have a private Facebook group where you’ll be encouraged to share your thoughts, your progress, your frustrations, and any questions that may arise. In this group, we will support each other to make sure it’s a great journey
  • You’ll be eating 3 meals per day, and up to 2 snacks. You will be detoxifying your body, but will not go hungry!

On the last day of the detox - date TBD:

  • 30-45 min Q&A call to remind you that you’re supported on this journey; I will help prep you for coming off of the detox. 




Your full participation and dedication for this 10 day journey! This includes daily participation in the Facebook group. Share your successes and struggles with our community. Also, after we've completed the detox, I ask that you share with me some feedback and your particular success story.


$99 for 10-day detox, which includes my full support during these 10 days AND your 3 prep-days and post-cleanse days. Plus you’ll have 2 calls with me, daily emails, tips, motivation, and support on the Facebook group. That's A HUGE discount to any 1-on-1 time with me, so take advantage of it!

What it doesn’t include: the meals – you’ll create them yourself! This is part of the experience!