Mariana’s one-on-one health coaching was life changing. I went from feeling like I had no control over my body, the number on the scale, or how I felt, to knowing that I had complete control with the help and guidance of her extensive knowledge. She’s also patient, understanding and passes zero judgement. I felt very comfortable opening up to her and sharing all of my experiences because of her positive and encouraging attitude. I would highly recommend Mariana. If you are unhappy with any aspects of your life/health, I know with complete certainty how beneficial Mariana’s coaching can be, because it truly was for me. Her detoxes are also great, and filled with amazing support. I would most definitely recommend Balance with Mariana’s detoxes to anyone looking to improve their health and eat a more natural, organic diet. I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t benefit from doing both her 7- and 10-day detox.
— Elsie
Mariana is kind and brilliant. She has showed me the patience and kindness that I wasn’t even considering for myself. She has helped me be stronger about confronting my self-destructive habits, and gives me hope and loving feedback when I fall behind, keeping me motivated to work towards my goals. I am now keeping the weight off, am less anxious, and have created a flow of positive thoughts that is apparent in my routine and daily habits. As a Health Coach, Mariana is going to make you deal with the things that you’re hiding under the rug; the very reason you are falling behind. Awareness is key and when you realize what you’re holding on to, it seems easier to decide whether you want to stay there or move forward.
— Antonella
Balance with Mariana’s programs (both her one-on-one health coaching and detoxes) helped me reach my health goals and experience great changes- I started sleeping better, I had some clean-up of mucus, was going to the bathroom more regularly, felt leaner, and wasn’t as hungry as I expected! Mariana was very helpful, always suggesting tips and recipes, explaining everything, answering all my questions, and being very supportive throughout the program. Mariana authentically cares about her patients, and is constantly checking up on you to see how you’re doing.  She is also very knowledgeable on what she is doing and why.  Mariana is committed, patient, supportive, talented, energetic, optimistic, inspiring, smart, organized and professional.
— Giovanna
Mariana te motiva y es muy genuina; ella come y vive de una forma saludable y balanceada, y es una gran motivación para seguir sus pasos. Yo comencé haciendo el detox y luego su coaching personalizado, y ambos me ayudaron un montón a sentirme mejor, más en control de mi vida y de mi salud. Mis metas al comenzar con Mariana eran lograr dejar la cafeína, el azúcar (quitarme la adicción), mejorar mi estado de ánimo, energía y piel. Y me ayudó con TODO; ya no estaba inflamada, ni con brotes en la piel y incluso durante el detox tuve bastante energía sin recurrir a la cafeína y azúcar. De las cosas que más me gustan (del detox y el coaching) son LAS RECETAS; todas las comidas me encantan, y el aprender como las comidas saludables podían satisfacer mi paladar y no dejarme con hambre. También, me encantan todos los rituales diarios que te enseña, especialmente aquellos para la piel (cepillado en seco, ducha fría-caliente-fria, etc). ¡Yo la recomiendo mucho!
— Claudia

Detox Testimonials

Working with Mariana was great as she is passionate and dedicated, and cares for her clients. She holds you accountable while holding your hand, yet knowing when to crack the metaphorical whip. The coaching that Mariana provides is holistic, geared to bringing all aspects of your life into check, not just what you eat and calorie counting (which there is none of).  With Mariana’s program I was able to slim down, improve digestion, and my skin even cleared up! I loved that she taught me how to make green smoothies that taste good and keep me full until lunch time. Her 10 day detox helped me achieve my goals of reducing that bloated/gassy feeling, losing weight, and testing the triggers of my IBS. I was able to identify foods that aren’t great for my digestion, and that knowledge is huge, which I can now exercise on a regular basis (at my discretion) to keep me at my best
— Roxana
After the Balance with Mariana 10 Day Detox, I felt amazing. I lost 5 lbs. during the detox and kept losing weight after (and most importantly, I lost all my bloating!). Now I feel so much more confident about my body. Plus, the reintroduction process post-detox that Mariana guided us through was even more impactful. Once I reintroduced certain foods, I realized how uncomfortable some of these foods made me feel; I felt bloated, heavy, tired, and with stomach pains. I would have never imagined that something people eat all the time and every day could be making me feel so terrible (and I had been living my whole life feeling this way)! Doing the detox, and having Mariana’s support throughout the process, helped me not only achieve my goals, but go beyond them. My new goals are more ambitious because I discovered the power of feeding our bodies and brain the right way. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this detox because it will change your life forever. You’ll realize that you aren’t supposed to feel “so-so” everyday or have headaches/stomach aches, low energy, etc. Your body is marvelous, and Mariana will help you realize just how amazing it can feel when everything is working right.
— Ana P.
Mariana is very organized and a strong leader; she works with you hand in hand, making the detox doable, fun and a great learning experience. Mariana’s detox taught me a lot about cleansing my body and helped me feel cleaner and lighter. I lost 4.5 pounds during the detox, yet didn’t suffer any hunger issues. And I really enjoyed the food! I loved learning how eating healthier can be done; it’s not as hard as it seems! The hardest part for me was getting used to the different ways of preparing food, but overall the process was surprisingly very smooth. I also loved the daily e-mails and guidance. Thank you for your encouragement and patience!!
— Georgina
Mariana’s 7 Day Detox helped me become more aware of what I eat, and to recognize the negative consequences when I don’t make the best food choices. I loved that she provided me with a doable eating schedule that wouldn’t leave me hungry, which was key for reaching my health goals. Mariana takes a very practical approach, helping her clients understand the importance of clean eating and detoxing in “real” terms. She is very caring and dedicated to her clients, as well as very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything, which I found very valuable.
— Luciana
After working with Mariana, I saw an increase in my energy levels, my skin got brighter, and I lost 6 pounds. This was especially interesting for me given that I keep a healthy diet as it is, so I look forward to seeing how things transpire into my “new normal” as I adopt these new habits that Mariana and her detox taught me, into my everyday life. I loved that I was able to see such quick results in my body, energy, frame of mind, and overall well being. Mariana is enthusiastic, open-minded, and knowledgable. During the group detox, I was impressed at her ability to encourage very different women to find their own balance that suits their goals, bodies and needs. I find this to be rare, as people usually try to apply a one size fits all when it comes to a cleanse or detox system. But the Balance with Mariana detox is tailored, sustainable and realistic.
— Emily
Mariana is a great health coach; helpful, knowledgeable, and a cheerleader for your journey to health. She creates an easy to follow program to get you started and will be there to make sure you reach your health goals. She’ll talk through any concern you have and will help you adjust if any problems arise. Before starting her detox, I had completely stopped eating lunch and was snacking my way from breakfast to dinner. And I was very dependent on sugar. Mariana’s 10 Day Detox helped me to re-focus my meals and to think more about the ingredients that I was using. It forced me to prioritize meals rather than just grazing through the day and grabbing whatever was around and easy (and to significantly cut back on sugar!). I also loved experimenting with new foods and techniques. The lamb meatballs with the zucchini zoodles were a family favorite! Post-detox, I feel lighter and more conscientious of what foods I’m eating AND more aware of the products we use on our bodies and in our house. I love the long-term LASTING RESULTS she provides.
— Joanna
When working with Mariana, I was able to learn more about my body, learn more about healthy eating, and most of all, lose weight. Mariana teaches you to understand your own body and how the impact of various foods on health is fundamental to your livelihood. Mariana provides really helpful discussions on nutrition, and explains well why we should do what we do on her program.
— Natasha
The Balance with Mariana detox program helped me find an overall improved sense of wellness. Mariana provided new and interesting recipes, and I loved learning about new foods, and trying new foods that I would not have tried otherwise. I have now incorporated better eating habits - such as more vegetables - into my day to day. As a coach, Mariana is very knowledgeable, well prepared and well spoken. And she makes herself available to answer your questions; very helpful overall.
— Stephanie
With Mariana I was able to achieve my goals of reducing my bloating and improving my digestion in just 10 days. The Balance with Mariana detox program is extremely thorough, effective, yet so easy to follow, as Mariana provides tons of support, as well as delicious and easy recipes. I would highly recommend her!
— Elaine
Mariana is knowledgeable, well researched, and incredibly passionate! After doing Mariana’s 7 Day Detox, I felt more energized and my mood was better. I love that her detox is based on REAL foods and improving eating habits, as well as on creating balance and optimizing digestion, not just weight loss. Balance with Mariana’s detox is rooted in nutritional knowledge and promotes lifestyle changes, not just quick (and usually unsustainable) weight loss like most fad diets. I also love having Mariana’s support and insight throughout; she does a great job at answering all your questions.
— Isabella
WIth Mariana’s detox and coaching, in just 10 days, I felt a lot better both physically and mentally. I really enjoyed the recipes and the Q&A support. I liked learning that I can live well by eating meals without dairy, red meat, and few carbs. As a plus, I lost some weight (which was a goal for me). Mariana’s knowledge on nutrition and cleansing, and her daily coaching, were one of the best aspects of the detox.
— Martin
I am super grateful for Mariana’s detox which really helped me with my weight. The detox is easy to follow, and I spent less time in the kitchen than expected – a huge plus. Her detox teaches you a lot of good habits that you can continue post detox – for example, it made me realize that I CAN give up coffee (I don’t even miss it anymore!) and reminded me to drink more water. I also love that she provides a private community Facebook group, as I learned a lot from others in the detox. I HIGHLY recommend her detox!
— Virginia
Mariana’s 10 Day Detox helped me lose weight, sleep better, and feel all around better. I loved trying new recipes and learning so many new things. Mariana’s energy and support is great and encouraging, and I also loved having the support of the group of others doing the detox, which also made it fun
— Cristina
As a Health Coach, Mariana is very knowledgeable, accessible, flexible, and patient. Before starting the Balance with Mariana 10 Day Detox, I didn’t even really know what a detox was, but I knew I wanted to learn more about healthy eating. So for me, I especially loved that Mariana provides complete and guided instructions, with thorough explanations of the how and what the detox process is. Plus, she provides delicious healthy options that I’m continuing to use post-detox. With the detox, I also discovered that I actually enjoy cooking and trying different healthy recipes. And even though I wasn’t looking to lose weight, I am thinner and can’t complain!
— A
Disfruté mucho el détox de 10 días con Balance with Mariana. Es la segunda vez que lo hago, y ambas veces me sentí excelente durante y post-detox, más saludable y más liviana. El grupo privado es genial, ayuda mucho, ¡y motiva montones! Con el detox, aprendí lo RICO que se puede comer sano, ¡especialmente incorporando todos los tips de Mariana! ¡Las recetas son geniales! Más que nada, las recetas te hacen ver que no hace falta comer aburrido para comer sano. ¡Todo del detox me pareció espectacular! El apoyo y entusiasmo de Mariana es único, y es lo que mas ayuda durante el proceso. Mariana es una verdadera “role model.”
— Viviana