Did You Know....? Benefits of Lemon Water

Water with lemon is one thing that EVERYONE should be drinking.  It's so good for you in so many ways!  I like it warm, first thing in the morning, but even if you have it cold as a lemonade with a bit of stevia and ginger, or have it as a tea with herbs and some raw honey, you'll still get the amazing benefits.

Some of the benefits of lemon water include:

*Stimulates the liver, enhancing enzyme function and helping your body release toxins

*Aids digestion (similar to saliva, hydrochloric acid, or supplements of digestive bitters/enzymes). Drink right before a meal for best digestive support.

*Increases the alkalinity of your body's pH, which is key for your overall health, as an acidic pH leads to quicker ageing and promotes disease. (In case you're confused - yes lemons are acid, but after the lemon is metabolized in your digestive system, it creates an alcaline effect in your blood and body's tissues). And by balancing your pH and removing uric acid, it reduces inflammation

*Stimulates easy and smooth bowel movements, helping with weight loss

*Helps to lower blood pressure

*Helps with elimination of toxins through your urine as it has a slightly diuretic effect

*Helps to eliminate cravings and supress appetite, given the pectin fiber

*Rich in vitamin C, so it has strong antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting powers.

*Contain potassium- good for your heart, brain, and overall circulation

*Also contains a good balance of calcium and magnesium, which aid in proper elimination

Lastly, proper hydration is one of the most important factors of a healthy lifestyle, and incorporating water with lemon into your daily routine (especially upon rising and before meals) is a great way to increase your water intake every day.

So if you haven't yet, go buy yourself some lemons and start squeezing! 

Love and Lemons,