My Favorite Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

By popular demand and as a follow-up to my Beginners Smoothie Guide from last month, today I'm sharing some easy and super healthy smoothie recipes that I make almost every morning.  These smoothies make a filling and delicious breakfast that will keep your blood sugar stable, rev up your metabolism, and serve as a great tool for weight loss.  Plus, they're quick to make and easy to take on the go!

Here are the recipes for my Almond, Coconut and Tropical smoothies:

Note: I often add additional superfoods and toppings, and change up the fruits and veggies to mix it up, but these recipes are a good starting point.  Try them out and have fun with them!  They really are an amazing way to start your day and get some alkalizing greens into your system!

Lots of love and green smoothies,