Struggling With Your Salads? Try These Simple Home-made Dressings

One of the most common things I get asked is what to use for salad dressings.  Most people know the numerous health benefits of eating a large, colorful bowl of raw veggies, but they also recognize that most of the salad dressings in restaurants, or worse, the pre-packaged bottles sold in supermarkets, are usually not the healthiest choices.

So what do I recommend?

Making your own dressing is always the best way to go, and doesn't have to be complicated.  Store-bought dressings are filled with preservatives, and high in unhealthy fats, sugars, chemicals, you name it.  Including the low fat and low calorie versions - there is always something needed to make it taste good, and it's usually not a healthy nor natural ingredient.



So I'll share with you three of my favorite salad dressing recipes which are quick and easy to prepare at home.

Lime Avocado Dressing 1.png

Happy to get your thoughts, and  some of your home-made dressing recipe ideas as well!