Looking for a Healthy Recipe that's Perfect for a Rainy Day?

We all have our days when we need some comfort food, and that's OK!  So I have come up with a healthy recipe that is still comforting and hearty, something that keeps my belly warm and happy on a cold or rainy day.  Or for the ladies, this recipe is great for that time of the month!  

My version of this is a Hearty Minestrone Soup.  I've kept it vegetarian so that anyone can enjoy, but feel free to add some ground turkey or grass-fed beef if you feel you need it.  I personally like to top off my soup with some sliced avocado for some added healthy fat.

Have this for lunch or dinner, although I find that a soup is the perfect meal for the evening, as its easier to digest and just one bowl can get you full - so you avoid over-eating at dinner time. 

Here is my recipe, but feel free to tweak it to our liking. Enjoy!

Try cooking for a loved one on the next rainy day, or whenever they're in need of some comfort!

Love and comfort,