A Quick, Delicious, Gut-Friendly Meal: Easy Vegetable Chickpea Curry

Do you come home tired from work without energy to cook (nor digest) a big meal? Do you crave a light, simple meal, yet comforting and soothing?

Maybe you’re still a bit stressed form work and your belly feels a bit bloated, so you know that you need something easy to digest.

This happens to me constantly. And while a sandwich or bowl of cereal is what I would do in the past, I now know that all that gluten and sugar at night is the WORST thing for my belly. So about a year ago, on one of these tired work days, I came home to go though my pantry and fridge to see what easy and belly-friendly meal I could make, and that’s when I first came up with my Easy Vegetable Chickpea Curry. And now, its become one of my go-to meals for these days.

On top of being simple and delicious, it’s awesome for your digestion. This dish is filled with all the different types of fiber to help you poop beautifully (yep I said it!), and the curry spices help you digest – which is especially important at dinner time.

For this curry, I use a combo of Thai curry paste and some traditional Indian curry spices, including: turmeric (lowers inflammation in the gut, and elsewhere), black pepper (promotes stomach acid secretion, and reduces gas) and cumin (promotes proper digestion and helps with almost all digestive issues).

And most importantly, this dish can be done in just half an hour (or even less). All you need to do is chop up some veggies – and basically any veggies in your fridge/freezer work. I usually use carrots and/or sweet potatoes, green beans and/or broccoli, and a dark leafy green (spinach or kale). But you can also use zucchini and squash, cauliflower, other squashes, eggplant, peas, etc. To make it even quicker, use already chopped frozen veggies. They work perfectly! In that case, the only prepping you need to do is chop some onion and garlic! Then it's just a matter of sauteing the curry paste/spices of your choice withe the onion/garlic, and adding your chopped veggies, tomato paste, coconut milk and chickpeas (all from cans, so no prep needed). Then sprinkle with additional seasoning/herbs, and serve with some cooked brown rice, quinoa or cauliflower rice.

Also, I find that it’s a dish that everyone loves. Even your children will love it!

Here is my awesome recipe for your next lazy weeknight dinner. You’ll see its delicious and comforting, soothes your belly and gut, helps you sleep well and wake up to a perfect poop!

Vegetable Chickpea Curry

Vegetable Chickpea Curry.png