A Morning Routine to Start Off Your Day Right

While I've never been much of a morning person, I've come to realize that my morning routine is key for setting the tone of my day.  My Monday morning can even impact my whole week.  When I start off right, I get energized and feel motivated to continue my day, and week, in a healthy way.  So I wanted to share with you a morning routine that I practice regularly to keep me on track and feeling amazing.

1. Deep breathing:

Upon waking, I take a few long, deep breaths as I stretch in bed.  I let my belly expand as I inhale, and feel it deflate as I exhale.  This has a great calming effect on the body and sets the tone for a stress-free day.  I repeat this practice throughout the day if/when I feel any stress mounting.

2. Warm lemon water:

I drink warm water with a few drops of lemon or lime to wake up my organs.  It stimulates the liver, and supports proper digestion and elimination.  I often add a drop of apple cider vinegar for additional alkalizing effect, or pure Aloe Vera juice if I need extra help in the bathroom area...

3. Tongue scraping:

Before eating anything, I scrape my tongue with my tongue scraper (I bought mine on amazon, or you can use a spoon) to help detox my body and get rid of bacteria that develops overnight and sits on the tongue.

4. Mental gratitude list:

While I'm scraping my tongue and brushing my teeth, I think of 3-4 things I'm grateful for. You'll see how this has an amazing effect of your mood. (I also do this at night!)

5. Dry-brushing:

Before jumping in the shower, I brush my entire body with a wooden soft bristle brush, starting with my feet, then legs, belly, butt, arms and chest.  It scrapes off dead skin cells and stimulates circulation - so great for detox and preventing cellulite!

6. Yoga:

When I'm not rushing, I always try to squeeze in 5-10 mins of yoga stretches. It's great for your whole body, mind and spirit.  And when I can (usually twice a week), I attend an early morning yoga or barre class....a full hour of goodness in the morning!

7. Green Smoothie:

Lastly, I prepare my wholesome breakfast.  My go-to breakfast is a green smoothie.  It's easy to digest first thing in the morning, it gives me a great source of nutrient-rich, alkalizing greens, some fiber to get things moving, and I always add some protein powder and healthy fats (ex. chia seeds, flaxseed, almond butter, or 1/2 avocado) to keep me full all morning.  It's quick and easy to prepare, and just about as healthy as you can get!

These are some of my favorite morning practices to keep me healthy, energetic and motivated....what are yours?  Maybe try adding one or two of these things into your morning routine and see how you feel.  Then add one or two more.  

And please share what gets you going in the morning! 

Love and Morning Rituals,