Your New Favorite Breakfast Recipes

Most of you by now know that I’m a green-smoothie fanatic, and its always my go-to breakfast. But once in a while I like to venture out and create different breakfasts, mostly to have alternatives for my husband, my clients, and for you!

Earlier this month I shared with you my Sweet Potato Toast recipes. Continuing with this breakfast theme, today I want to share a small collection of my favorite simple and healthy breakfasts for you to try. I've selected some options for everyone, so I encourage you to try them out, and I bet some may just become YOUR new favorite healthy breakfast recipes.

Remember, a healthy breakfast sets the pace for your day. If you eat a healthy, balanced breakfast, it sends the right signals to your body to produce the right amount of chemicals and hormones for you to be energized, happy, and focused. These breakfasts also fire up your metabolism for efficient fat burning and stimulate your digestion for optimal daily elimination and detoxification!


Raw Overnight Recipes: 1) Overnight Oats with Berries & Nuts / 2) Coconut Chia Pudding / 3) Chocolate Chia Pudding

Warm Grains: 4) Easy Millet Porridge / 5) Quinoa, Chia & Oat Porridge / 6) Quick High-Fiber Oats

Healthy Egg Breakfasts: 7) Fried egg over spinach & sweet potato / 8) Quinoa, Greens & Smashed Avocado Bowl

Simple Toasts: 9) Cinnamon Almond Toast / 10) Avocado Toast   * Note: the key with these 2 toast recipes is the Chia/Flax; including these seeds provides extra protein, fiber and Omega-3's, and makes them balanced and metabolism-boosting options



1) Overnight Oats with Berries & Nuts:

2) Coconut Chia Pudding:

3) Chocolate Chia Pudding:


4) Easy Millet Porridge:

 Option to use another gluten-free grain instead of millet, such as amaranth , sorghum or quinoa. For quinoa, use 1/2 cup less of water.

Option to use another gluten-free grain instead of millet, such as amaranth , sorghum or quinoa. For quinoa, use 1/2 cup less of water.

5) High Protein Quinoa, Chia & Oat Porridge:

6) Quick High-Fiber Oats (which I sometimes call my "Superfood" Oats):


7) Fried egg over spinach & sweet potato:

8) Quinoa, Greens & Smashed Avocado Bowl:


9) Cinnamon Almond Toast:

10) Avocado Toast:

Avo-Toast 2.png

I encourage you to try my recipes and share them with your loved ones. Also, let me know which are your favorites, and take note of which ones make you feel the best. I'd love to hear from you!

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Love and Favorite Breakfasts,